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Lexegesis LLC

Consultants on Legal Interpretation


When the stakes are high…

In high-stakes litigation, simply using supportive caselaw isn't enough. You also need to interpret and explain the meanings of relevant documents, common-law principles, and controlling statutes — including constitutional provisions. As an advocate, you can’t afford to overlook the most powerful arguments based on text, structure, purpose, and history. The best way to ensure your argument succeeds is to engage a team of scholarly but practical academic lawyers who have devoted their careers to matters of legal and linguistic interpretation.


…consult the highest authorities.

We are three law professors committed to rational interpretation and principled decision-making in law. We offer expertise in interpreting legal instruments such as:

  • statutes;

  • constitutional provisions;

  • rules and regulations;

  • treaties and executive agreements;

  • contracts; and

  • estate-planning documents.


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